Who are we

Allotments N11 is made of youth practitioners and young community champions who want to make a difference through proactive social action using the Community Café & Restaurant to:





What we do

We focus on aspiration, empowerment and promoting positive choices, using locally grown food to build a socially just world, where all members of society, regardless of background, have equal access to public resource and opportunities.

Allotments N11 Community Café & Restaurant will endeavour to provide the social, emotional and economic bedrock that will help to break the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage, poverty and underachievement, all of which put local young people at risk of more negative outcomes, by balancing human rights with responsibilities.

Our Programs

These are programs with planned activities which will inspire and propel young people with shared social values, to take social action in their communities and in the wider world.

The focus for the period of 2020-2022 will be tackling major issues head on, such as poverty and providing healthy hot food to communities affected by COVID-19 in the North London community.

Our programs will also encourage strategic partnership between churches, community faith groups, the police, criminal justice groups and local authorities in London.

All profits go to support our North London Community Consortium members projects.